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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund will be given if the order is cancelled by us for any given reason.

No refunds would be given for the following situations :-
a) The order could not be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete address given by the sender.
b) No one is at home at time of delivery, and there is no recipient contact number given by the sender.
c) The recipient has moved house or moved office and cannot be contacted.
d) The recipient switched off his/her handphone and is not at home or office at time of delivery.
e) The recipient refuses to accept the flowers due to his/her own personal problem with the sender.
f) The order could not be delivered due to unforeseen circumstances (heavy rain, flood, accident, protests, etc)
g) The recipient stays in a condominium and the guard does not allow the driver to go in.
h) There is no safe place to leave the order unattended at the premise.
i) Sender cancels the order upon the starting or completion of the order*.
*Order cancellation is only allowed if the order is yet to be started, and no special flower or packing material has been purchased for the order.

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